well that’s life

Something I wrote back in August 2015. 

so saturday i spent my afternoon doing some graffiti. the participants and i walked to tony’s pizza where they were holding their beers in brown bags as i stood anxiously waiting for my slice. i could tell they were a little too buzzed and they walked towards the park. we sat in the middle and started chit chatting. somehow “what kind of food can you not live with out?” became the topic. cheese. bread. cheese. when the french girl asked me i said, wait for it, avocado. they burst out laughing. god you drunks laugh at everything. avocado is great. it’s a healthy fat and fucking delicious on its own. i don’t see how it was funny then again i guess i’m more healthy than them all.

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why it’s important to date yourself post break up

When a relationship ends, it’s very difficult to pick up the pieces. When someone has been a part of your life for so long, then suddenly isn’t in your life at all, it’s very easy to question everything. Being single again can be a confusing mess! It doesn’t feel real and this new fact may be unacceptable.

It’s human condition to go through many stages and moods in the months of grieving a break up. Everyone grieves differently, and at varying paces. Just when you think you’re doing better, certain things like the time of year or songs bring up memories (I’ve discussed this with my vina) and an overwhelming sentimental shadow clings to you. So you’re back at square one, reminiscing and staring down into what seems like an empty abyss.

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Ladies first: your get ready playlist for a girls’ night out

And it’s finally the weekend!! You may find yourself wanting to listen to new tunes while you and your Vinas get ready for the evening. Sipping your choice of drink, whether it’s a couple glasses of Rosé (whose counting?) or a special drink that channels your flirty self, get your evening mood with this weeks playlist. It explores solely women and pop culture songwriters of the electronic, rock, and R&B/pop soul genres.

From Vina to Vina, we should listen to more female artists who are often swept under the  rug or out of the spotlight by the mainstream music on the radio. Throughout these songs, listen intently to their often powerful performance, which ties a deep emotion to old and new relationships. Finding you through the trials and tribulations of life or perhaps just through dancing it out.

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3 ways to bond with your introvert self in nature

An introvert’s favorite past time is bonding with oneself. We shy away from being the center of attention and we love our own company especially at large gatherings. Being alone is instilled in an introverts‘ honest nature, but that does not mean it should send out standoffish vibes.

My favorite way to spend my alone time includes going to music concerts and exploring the great outdoors because that’s when I am having the most fun. Due to my character, I value the flexibility to slither wherever I please at my natural pace, detach from a group of friends’ demands, and make new acquaintances on my own time.

Here are a few activities and reasons why bonding with ourselves in the great outdoors can help us recharge our energy especially for future social situations.

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White Lies @ The Chapel

This Valentine’s Day,  there was a West London post-punk band White Lies at The Chapel in the Mission District of San Francisco. Couples and squads of singles head-bobbed at the sold out show packing bodies next to bodies to the point that there wasn’t much room to move flexibly through the sea of people. A large silver disco ball hung in the center of The Chapel’s arch as the lights of the mirrors shined on the wooden boards.

The band opened the cheering crowd with “Take It Out on Me” as red and blue lights glimmered on each of the members’ faces. Harry McVeigh, lead vocalist and guitarist, wore black and white shoes and rocked the pedals as he sung “I’m in love with the feeling / Oh take it out on me.” Yelling “San Francisco! How’s it going?! Happy Valentine’s Day!,” the energetic crowd, especially the women, screamed excitedly while clapping their hands to the beat of the song. Who wouldn’t let out a passionate scream? After all, McVeigh’s sweet English creme voice is the main attribute to White Lies.

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