death’s dynamic shroud.wmv

Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, James Webster goes by HCMJ, death’s dynamic shroud.wmv, Winter Sleep, and a few other aliases. He is part of the Ghost Diamond, a collective body of music, with close friend and music buddy Tech Honors. Together, Webster and Keith Rankin carefully crafted their 2015 I’ll Try Living Like This album which features bizarre loops and Japanese-speaking samples with a glorious touch of disorientation. Not only did FACT place the album on their year end list as 15th best album of 2015, it was uncontrollably applauded by a spectrum of die hard vaporwave listeners on the Internet. The dear love of amazing vaporwave music may have disappeared below surface but Webster’s multiple projects and fantastically creative tunes has brought vaporwave back in its place. (All photos by James Webster.)

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